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SHIPPING - We send all of your pieces out 1st Class U.S. Mail with a U.S. Postal
Service Delivery Confirmation Receipt, which gives us both full tracking potential.

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INSURANCE - We insure pieces that are over $100.  Feel free to ask for special insurance.

SAFE SHIPPING - We snug up your order in bubbles so it arrives in fine conditon.

AGE AND WEAR - Please remember that this is fabulous estate jewelry.  It has become magical with age: the patinas, the wear, the umbrage, the depth of character that only a profound past life brings---all this magnificent maturity is yours with the purchase and estate wear is a natural part of vintage and antique jewelry.

SHIPPING IS NOT A PROFIT CENTER - Shipping charges are not a profit center for us, so never thing that we are trying to rip you off; it simply is not so.

SHIPPING TIME - Give us 5 days to get your fabulous jewelry in the mail and give it a few days to get there.  Shipping usually takes place smooth and fast.  If there are snafus, we work them out smoothly and quickly.